The show happens in a prison cell with walls made of paper. The audience is locked in with a condemned man whose crime is obscure. All that is sure is that he will be executed. He scribbles his last thoughts until the floor is a mess of charcoal. And then the walls crumble. It is the end.

Presented at Camden People’s Theatre 11-29 September 2018
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A very special and at times shocking piece - always brilliantly executed.
(Time Out Critics' Choice - Original Production)

Crafted so exquisitely it becomes high art… Eerie and hysterical.
(The Stage)

A show of elegant convulsions such as this is only possible through dizzyingly complex and virtuosic dramaturgy. Comic acting of the most intense refinement.
(Chris Goode on Twitter)

The brilliant performances and rich onslaught of surprising and entertaining images are more than enough to keep us enthralled.
(Total Theatre)

And so the days passed. The results are before you. We grew to love each other and the structure of his soul is as well known to me as the structure of his neck. Thus it will not be an unfamiliar, terrible somebody, but a tender friend that will help him mount the crimson steps, and he will surrender himself to me without fear. Forever. For death. Let the will of the public be carried out!

(The executioner in Nabokov’s ‘Invitation to a Beheading’)


Co-creator & dramaturg - Michael Regnier
Cast (and creative) - Simon Kane | Tom Lyall | Greg McLaren | Shamira Turner
Original cast - Simon Kane | Tom Lyall | Jeremy Hardingham | Vivienne Stern
Sound design - Eleanor Isherwood with Company
Visual design - Gemma Brockis and Zekan Cemal
Production with Tamsin Stanley
Photography & Video - Floro Asqueta