As a performer, I have created lead roles for all SHUNT Productions, including three with the National Theatre. I recently started work in film - playing the lead in Amber Sealey's No Light and No Land Anywhere - which won awards in festivals across America before a New York theatrical release.

Gemma Brockis is startlingly talented — she has a bracing realness that is impossible to look away from. I can’t think of any role she wouldn’t make 100 times more interesting with her complexity and that incredible face. In my fantasy of how the world works, people would jump on this actress.
Miranda July


Other leading creatives i have worked with as a performer: Handspring (Devising a new show - Crow); writer Chris Thorpe and director Sam Pritchard (at Manchester Royal Exchange and Soho); writer and director Chris Goode (with Headlong at The Gate, at the Traverse, Plymouth Theatre Royal); Tai Shani (at the Tate and Hayward galleries).

Showreel from No Light and No Land Anywhere

Photography: Susanna Dietz, Catherine Goldschmidt, Steve Tanner