My teaching is based on my professional experience in site-based, devised and experiential theatre (see Projects, especially Shunt).

I frequently teach at BA and MA level (most recently at LAMDA, and the National Centre for Circus Arts) but I have experience with students of all ages. I offer core workshops in my area of expertise and can adapt them to the specific needs of the students (e.g. for acting or directing students). They vary from 2 hour to full term courses.

For full details of teaching experience see below or download teaching CV here. For descriptions of example workshops, see below.


This workshop focusses on the key elements of experiential theatre - the relationship between space, audience and performer. We look at how to use our environment to theatrical effect. We work on the audience' role, performance technique and structuring a dramatic scene. Time permitting, we look at developing scenes from source material.
Places I have taught this include: Central School of Speech and Drama, LAMDA, Italia Conti, NISDA, BAC Youth Theatre. Workshops have lasted 2-6 hours.


This more specifically uses my performance experience to help acting students devise for immersive work. We work on techniques for the performer to create a dynamic relationship between themselves, the space and the audience. Examples of points of focus: audience's role and moving the audience, proximity and distance, eye contact, status, creating dramatic tension. I have taught this at Italia Conti and Shunt.


A workshop taught with Silvia Mercuriali, exploring use of found space. It aims to draw attention to the theatrical opportunities within any environment, including a public one - a car-park, a street, a school library. We focus on use of sound, invisible performance, framing devices and audience viewpoints. Places I have taught this include: Tel Aviv Clipa festival, Central School of Speech and Drama. Workshops have lasted 12 hours but a version can be taught in 4.



  •  workshop on Shunt and immersive theatre for BA students.
  •  week-long devising workshop based on Buster Keaton’s The General.

LAMDA (2014/15) : MA

  • workshop on experiential theatre for MA directing students.


  • mentor for site-specific shows and dissertation projects.
  • course taught with Melanie Wilson and Wendy Hubbard: Working from Historical Source Material.
  • course taught with Hannah Ringham: Working with an audience as a solo performer.
  • course taught with Silvia Mercuriali: Inside/Outside: Performance in Public Spaces. (also in Tel Aviv)

ITALIA CONTI (2004 - 15) : BA

  • workshop on experiential theatre for acting students.
  • workshop on initial stages of development of devised work.
  • marking of dissertations and practicals.
  • mentor for site-specific Shakespeare production.
  • strand teacher for first year devising project (3 hours / week).
  • director of contextual studies course for 1st - 3rd years 2004-06 (16 hours a week teaching).

FOURTH MONKEY (2014 - 15) : BA

  • workshop on experiential theatre for BA acting students.
  • workshop on approaching Arts Council Applications.

rose bruford / brunel university / c.s.s.d / shunt / fourth monkey

  • giving talks and taking part in panels on collaborative and immersive theatre.

BAC (2013 -14) : 15 - 25 year olds

  • workshops on experiential theatre for BAC YPT.

CABLE HOUSE PRIMARY SCHOOL (1998 - 2000) : 4 - 11 year olds

  • after school workshops for 4-7 year olds.
  • writing and directing Christmas show.