In here it's like ... you know when you're holding a rabbit. And you're stroking it. And that thought just pops into your head. Well. In here, you do it. And it's wonderful.

Inspired by Solaris by Stanisław Lem, The Manhattan Project, and the space itself. Tropicana was a lift crash descent into curiosity and death.

My animals have deserted me. But it's not my fault.

Tropicana is advertised as an “event” and, thanks to the invention of the shunt collective, it lives up to its billing. A peverse Narnia full of surprises. Exhilarating.

Visually overwhelming, decadent, transgressive. 
The truest compliment I can pay to the brilliant shunt company is that when I was eventualy ejected through a different door from the one through which I had entered, I felt as if everything I saw was staged, as if the Northern Line were an experiment and its passengers likely to be actors.


Created by Shunt. 2004 - 05
Devised with: Ben and Max Ringham (Sound). Nigel Barrett, Silvia Mercuriali, Paul Mari, Helen Hunter, Simon Kane (Performers). Susanne Dietz (Video). David Farley (Build).
Additional photography shown on this page: Grebo Guru - For Flickr page see here.