The architects

Another ridiculous falsehood has it that I am a prisoner. Shall I repeat that there are no locked doors, shall I add that there are no locks? Besides, one afternoon I did step into the street; If I returned before night, I did so because of the fear that the faces of the common people inspired in me, faces as discoloured and flat as the palm of one's hand.

It’s this fierce political indignation that sets the collective apart from many of its cousins in the upper echelons of UK theatrical experimentation. The architects is an inspiring success.

Created by Shunt. 2013 - 14
Devised with: Ben and Max Ringham (Sound). Nigel Barrett, Angela Clerkin, Helledd Watkins, Matthew Seadon Young, Dave Vigay, Pablo Meneu and Anna Perez de Manuel (Performers). Susanne Dietz (Video and Photography).