How is it that you know of this city? It is only now that I have dreamt of it.

Still Night is the second show of the Berlin-Nevada project with Silvia Mercuriali, in which we blend real spaces and fictions. In our first show, we drive through the city (Pinocchio). Here we imagine it in from the security of a lecture room - through a presentation given in an unplaceable language - before the lights go out and the audience falls into a shadowy intimate world. Ultimately, the curtains draw back and we find ourselves watching the real city beyond the room.

Italo Calvino's 'Invisible cities' is our inspiration, in which Marco Polo describes the cities of Kubla Khan's empire, less as lists of statistics and more as dreams, impressions and elegies. 

Even in this sterile 12th-floor conference room, Mercuriali and Brockis make striking design choices: a glowing city unfolds from a dress; a horse plays at dice; a will-o’-the-wisp draws us to her lantern. We smell the jasmine in the gardens of Kublai Khan. We feel the first cool after spring rains. And, as our city is revealed to us in a new light in a very literal sense, we finally see why this venue might be the perfect one after all. 
Offsheet press Brisbane


Created, directed, designed and performed by Gemma Brockis and Silvia Mercuriali.
Mask: George Tomlinson. 
Voice: Sam Booth (on original English)
Sound design created with Lewis Gibson.