The shunt lounge

The Shunt Lounge was open for 4 years, hosted 1,000 artists and welcomed an audience of half a million. It was managed and curated by the Shunt collective of artists. 

Gemma co-managed the direction of the project, and curated programmes within it. Installations and performances she made for it included:

SPACE WITHIN SPACES: A forced perspective corridor - created with visual artist TOM DUGGAN
THE LONG ROOM: Transforming the long corridor into a very long narrow space - created with visual artist TOM DUGGAN
KATHY & LINA: Inspired by the revelation scene in Singing in the Rain - a collaboration with singer KAY ELIZABETH in the main bar
MESSENGER: A miniature one-man show based on Medea's murder of her brother - performed by DARRELL BROCKIS
FALLING PIANO: A grand piano dropped from the ceiling at midnight in the main bar
THE READING ROOM: An intimate performance in a secret library, mixing reading and binaural sound - created with sound artist LEWIS GIBSON
THE WOMAN IN BLUE: A secret auditorium with epic sound track and gauze screen through which the audience watched a solo performance hidden within the crowded club - as though watching a movie
MINI-MULTIPLEX: A collaboration with the BFI - a four screen cinema hidden in the labyrinthine entrance, where each screen in tiny alcoves housed a two seater auditorium and a silent film

A music, art and performance space that occupied the vaults beneath London Bridge from 2006 to 2010. Founded by a collective of artists, for four years it played host to all manner of weird and wonderful performances: theatre and dance, art installations, film screenings, bands and DJs, all tied together with an undercurrent of wild abandon. Along with providing a unique location in which to showcase performance of all kinds, something in the nature of the venue fed into the hedonistic tendency: it was as if the visiting crowds, descending into a space that existed physically outside the confines of everyday life, felt themselves exempted from its rules.
(Urban times)

Images from work by Tom Duggan, Brendan Walker, Lewis Gibson, Nigel&Louise, me and everyone.