The shunt lounge

The Shunt Lounge was open for 4 years, hosted 1,000 artists and welcomed an audience of half a million. It was managed and curated by the Shunt collective of artists. I created work specifically for the Lounge, shared the curation of the programme, and collaborated on the overall vision and running of the project. 

The model of the Lounge was a bar, open Wednesday-Saturday, from early til late. It cost £5 (Wed&Thurs) or £10 (Fri&Sat) and for that price you could come in and see all of the art that was on offer. This included installations, bands, bars, theatre shows, and performances all over the place. Every week there was a new curation and get in, where the whole space was transformed and the only thing that remained in place was the main bar. Artists ranged from the very experienced to students and the audience ranged from avid theatre-goers to the party crowd.

A music, art and performance space that occupied the vaults beneath London Bridge from 2006 to 2010. Founded by a collective of artists, for four years it played host to all manner of weird and wonderful performances: theatre and dance, art installations, film screenings, bands and DJs, all tied together with an undercurrent of wild abandon. Along with providing a unique location in which to showcase performance of all kinds, something in the nature of the venue fed into the hedonistic tendency: it was as if the visiting crowds, descending into a space that existed physically outside the confines of everyday life, felt themselves exempted from its rules.
Urban times


Images from work by Tom Duggan, Brendan Walker, Lewis Gibson, Nigel&Louise, me and everyone.