I am a founder member of Shunt and have collaborated on the artistic direction of the company and the development of all our projects from first idea to final performance. Shunt are key pioneers of the immersive theatre movement.

It really felt like something new was happening. It was, in the best way, totally mind blowing. (Nicolas Hytner, Artistic Director of the National Theatre, on Shunt, 2002)

Shunt collective have created large scale, long-running shows, in our own central london venues. We also work as solo artists and in smaller collaborations - work includes fictions in public spaces (see Berlin-Nevada and Wiretapper), curated party events (see Party-Skills) and immersive audio works, using binaural sound and darkness (see Berlin-Nevada and Darkfield). Shunt artists are consistently experimenting at the edges of the form, creating new ways of addressing the relationship between performance and audience.

Archived projects:

Shunt projects are devised by the company, its associate artists and a wider group of collaborators.

Links to Shunt founders and associates:

Photography and Images: Lizzie Clachan, Susanna Dietz, Chris Sims, Lyn Hatzius (and anon)