Since 2000, Gemma has been involved in projects that place fictions in existing landscapes or creating unique intimate experiences within larger events. They often place the audience very close to the performance - within a car, a hotel room, under a bed...

Below are details on her work as a director (PINOCCHIO and STILL NIGHT that toured internationally) and work as a devising performer on similar projects (a TEMPEST in people's homes, with PUNCHDRUNK for an immersive game). 

PINOCCHIO (2007-9)

Premiered Aurora Nova, Edinburgh 2007. Toured Japan, Israel and within Europe.
Conceived, designed, directed, scripted and performed by Gemma Brockis and Silvia Mercuriali
Sound design and composition by Ollie Bown and Ben Ringham

An audience of three were picked up from an empty carpark and driven through the city streets in search of a patch of water and a whale. Car radio merged into fake news. The sound of the streets outside into an epic car chase. Radio jingles into a sweeping score. And the driver and passenger, into mythic characters. A dark and mysterious tranformation of the real world. 

The real star of the show is Dublin itself, made strangely new and wondrous as its skewed landscapes filter through the smudged windows.

STILL NIGHT (2011-13)

Premiered Brisbane Festival 2011. Toured Japan and within UK.
Conceived, designed, directed, scripted and performed by Gemma Brockis and Silvia Mercuriali
Additional Sound design and composition by Lewis Gibson

The show begins as a conference, with an absurd lecture created specially for the host city. Then the lights go out and the audience falls into a shadowy world created with binaural sound design. Ultimately the curtains are drawn back to reveal the real city beyond.

In this sterile 12th-floor conference room, Mercuriali and Brockis make striking design choices: a glowing city unfolds from a dress; a horse plays at dice; we smell the jasmine in the gardens of Kublai Khan, we feel the first cool after spring rains. And, as our city is revealed to us in a new light in a very literal sense, we finally see why this venue might be the perfect one after all.


Directed by David Rosenberg with sound artists Ben and Max Ringham
Structured, scripted and designed in collaboration with Gemma Brockis, Hannah Ringham and Nigel Barrett

A performance hidden in the crowds of Trafalgar Square and Waterloo. Binaural audio streamed to audience' phones through a specially developed app.


Directed and written by Gemma Brockis
Performed by Darrell Brockis

Scan 6.jpeg

A one-man show based on the myth of Medea's murder of her brother. Performed in a tiny room in the heart of SHUNT.

An exquisite, disturbing miniature



Cast includes Gemma Brockis (on both audio and live aspects of production)


A mobile gaming app. Players were rewarded with pieces of story as they advanced through the levels of the game, which culminated in three live levels taking place in locations across London.

BAC ONE-ON-ONE FESTIVAL - where the wild things sleep (2012)

Created by Campinglis Bell-Halls
Scripted in collaboration with Gemma Brockis & performed by Gemma Brockis


I adored Where the Wild Things Sleep, which takes you into the bedroom of Max in Maurice Sendak's children's picture book and sets you sailing on the wild seas of the imagination.

The whole thing left me chuckling helplessly, absolutely charmed and wide-eyed.

THE TEMPEST - performed in audience homes (2000)

Created by CHRIS GOODE
Cast includes Gemma Brockis

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.52.34.png

One of the all time great Edinburgh fringe productions.
At the end we sit in out flat in pitch black for a few seconds, slightly stunned. Then we awake as if from a dream. Signal to Noise have long departed, but we clap and stamp our feet anyway.

la otra gente - buenos aires and national portrait gallery (2008)

A research collaboration with ANT HAMPTON and GREG MCLAREN

La otra gente greg mclaren

A series of portraits of real people in their places of work within the city - cemeteries, hotels, theatres. Created in Argentina.
Inspired by the biographical theatre work of Argentinian artist VIVI TELLAS. As part of Gemma's Shunt curations, she brought Vivi over for a collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery.