the ballad of bobby francois

On October 12th 1972 a Fairchild F-227, chartered by an amateur rugby team, left Uruguay for Santiago in Chile. It never arrived....

An astounding piece of theatre - radical, original, incredible.
Time Out

This company are thrillingly inventive.
The Independent On Sunday

The experience is genuinely horrifying: as the plane began to spiral downwards the person next to me began to hyperventilate. Once the smoke clears and you've got over your initial sense of terror, the real horror begins. Shunt takes you to the top of a mountain where the survivors huddle in the wind and show you the end of civilisation. Very clever, very disturbing. 
Lyn Gardner The Guardian
Shunt's imaginative treatment catches you unawares, dislocates your ordinary expectation of performance through the impact of the (hugely ambitious, highly effective) transformation that spins us, so completely from ditsy comedy to chilling drama. 
Glasgow Herald - Winner of Herald Angel 2000

Shunt is playing with some of the more extreme possibilities of theatrical experience.
The Scotsman

At high altitude, the body's caloric needs are astronomical ... we were starving in earnest, with no hope of finding food, but our hunger soon grew so voracious that we searched anyway ...again and again we scoured the fuselage in search of crumbs and morsels. We tried to eat strips of leather torn from pieces of luggage, though we knew that the chemicals they'd been treated with would do us more harm than good. We ripped open seat cushions hoping to find straw, but found only inedible upholstery foam ... Again and again I came to the same conclusion: unless we wanted to eat the clothes we were wearing, there was nothing here but aluminium, plastic, ice, and rock.

Nando Parrado - Survivor.

Created by Shunt. 1999 - 2000.
Devised with: Ben and Max Ringham (Sound). Amber Rose Sealey (Performer). Susanne Dietz (Video).