Evolution stops here.

Money was based on L'Argent and La Bête Humaine by Emile Zola. L'Argent tells the story of a massive financial crash in 1860s Paris just before the collapse of the second empire. We started work on it 6 months before the banking disaster.

This is what man will look like in 100,000 years time. Ladies and Gentlemen. The man of the future.


Shunt typically conjures up a brilliant coup de théatre that will linger in the memory long after more coherent shows have vanished.
Time Out

On a night when the dark forces come out to play, this evening is one that will not be forgotten.
Run Riot

Oh what a nightmare I had. And I mean this as praise.
Ben Brantley - New York Times


Created  by Shunt. 2009 - 10.
Devised with: Ben and Max Ringham (Sound). Nigel Barrett, Simon Kane, Tom Lyall
 (Performers). George Tomlinson (Build). Susanne Dietz (Video and Photography).
Additional photography: Chris Sims.