A project of ‘live portraits’, created in found locations, created with Ant Hampton and Greg McLaren. Developed in Marbella, Spain, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in London at the Shunt Lounge and the National Portrait Gallery.

I experimented with using a hotel as the landscape for a self portrait. Audience checked in to Hostal Juan, and found themselves in an empty room surrounded by my possessions - everything I’d taken with me to Marbella, including plane stubs, books, sketchbooks. The TV was on. Music also playing. The bath was full - an invitation. A scribbled note on the wall (mimicking a gallery white plaque), invited them to Room 21- and upstairs they found me lying in bed in an empty and silent, no possessions, no clothes, a chair by the bed inviting them to sit with me. I was interested in the hotel room as a place of intense intimacy, and absolute anonymity.