I offer my expertise as a consultant, director and collaborator. My work as a founder of SHUNT is the heart of my experience, creating epic and intimate performances and club nights as documented HERE.

Immersive theatre has become big business since the Shunt collective clambered from the recesses of the live art netherworld in the late ’90s, their improbably successful London Bridge club night and string of singular standalone shows whetting the public appetite for Punchdrunk and You Me Bum Bum Train.

Commissions from external partners include:

  • TRAMANDO LABEL - BUENOS AIRES FASHION WEEK - Directing an immersive fashion show with GREG MCLAREN and ANT HAMPTON.
  • V&A SUMMER PARTY - Directing performance commissioned by JUBBA
  • THE MUSEUM OF LONDON - Collaborating with Andrew Rutland on event - MUSEUM OF LAST PARTIES - celebrating London club life.
  • AERIAL EVENTS - Directing aerial performance, including corde lisse, tight-wire and harness (at height) for Millenium Dome artist GISELE EDWARDS.
One of the most glamorous evenings of all.

I also work as a performer in one-on-one experiences and events: with PUNCHDRUNK - SILVERPOINT, with BAC ONE-ON-ONE FESTIVAL, and for various parties at SHUNT and with GIDEON REELING.

As well as sharing the artistic direction of SHUNT, I have managed and programmed our club nights. This work includes ultimate responsibility for: long and short term budgets; personnel management - security teams, bar staff, volunteers, front of house teams; commisioning, curating and directing artists; contact with council and police for security and safety. I hold a personal licence.

I am open to discussing new ideas and advising on projects.