Visit THE SHUNT LOUNGE for overview and images of the whole project.


THE LONG ROOM: With TOM DUGGAN, the long entrance arches were transformed into a long, hovering, narrow room with a door at either end. (2m x 60m).

SPACE WITHIN SPACES: Created by TOM DUGGAN, the long entrance was transformed with wooden frames into a long forced perspective corridor.

MESSENGER: A chamber-piece based on Medea's murder of her brother - written and directed by Gemma and performed by her brother - DARRELL BROCKIS. Set within a tiny damp room deep in the vaults.

KATHY & LINA: Inspired by the revelation scene in Singing in the Rain - a collaboration with singer KAY ELIZABETH. The audience found themselves in a tiny cabaret auditorium, with a shallow stage backed by a red curtain. Accompanied by live piano, a singer san All of Me, but halfway through, the curtain drew back to reveal the late night bar beyond - with the real singer performing live (with the pianist) in the distance, a crowd surrounding her.

FALLING PIANO: A grand piano dropped from the ceiling at midnight in the main bar.

THE READING ROOM: An intimate sound and reading performance in a secret library. Commissioned by Gemma. Created by sound artist LEWIS GIBSON.

THE WOMAN IN BLUE: A secret auditorium with epic music and titles on a gauze screen - through which the audience watched the crowded club as though watching a movie. Inter-titles drew their attention: London. 2009. The city is in turmoil. Their attention was eventually drawn towards watching one solo performer - the woman in blue. Close up to camera. Then she disappeared from view, and was eventually found in the distance on a rooftop. She slipped and fell into the crowd. The End.

MINI-MULTIPLEX: A collaboration with the BFI - a four screen cinema hidden in the labyrinthine entrance, where each screen in a tiny alcove housed a two seater auditorium and a silent movie.