I'd like your friends to leave now.

Amato Saltone was based on the life and stories of noir writer, Cornell Woolrich, most famous for writing It had to be Murder - which Hitchcock retold as Rear Window

The shunt collective are re-defining the possibilities of theatre.
The Stage

By the time you wander, with the throng, into the "penthouse" where the show begins, swigging from your second bottle of beer and nattering with your mates, shunt have you entirely in the palm of their hand.
The Independent

This is underground theatre with a vengeance.
The Guardian

Created by Shunt. 2005 - 06
Devised with: Ben and Max Ringham (Sound). Simon Kane, Tom Lyall, Nigel Barrett, Ryo Yoshida, Geneva Foster Gluck, Jason Barnett and Rebecca Kilgariff (Performers). Susanne Dietz (Video).
Additional photography shown on this page: Chris Sims.